Why Bosch Dishwashers Fail Bosch’s ‘Cadillac’ Test: The Basics

By Tom MihalovicPublished Dec. 10, 2018 11:06:06With a few notable exceptions, Bosch dishwashers have been the best dishwasher in the industry.

However, there are many Bosch customers who have had serious issues with their Boschs.

Bosch was recently in the news for a high-profile safety issue that involved the Bosch Sgx69u56, a dishwasher that failed the Cadillac test.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Sgxf56s safety was compromised when it failed the Boscher test, as it failed to recognize a key “on the touch-pad” on the front of the unit.

The key was a safety device, similar to the ones used on older models.

The test was set up so that Bosch could identify the key on the touchpad by measuring the speed at which the unit moved from the side to the front.

However the test failed because the sensor was unable to detect the motion in front of it.

“This is a problem that was likely to have happened if Bosch had followed the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which was to set the speed to 0.2 mph when the unit was in motion,” CSC spokeswoman Rebecca Smith said.

“This means that the sensor would not have detected the motion on the touchscreen, and the test result would have been an accurate indicator of the problem.”

While the Sgsxf56 failed the safety test, it was not the only dishwasher to fail the Cadillon test.

Bosches Sgxs61 and Sgs62 also failed the test.

Bosch did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Times.

The CSC is recommending that Bosches install a new touch sensor, one that would be capable of detecting the motion behind the unit when it was in a seated position.

The agency said that the touch sensor should be able to detect and detect when the device is in the upright position.

However Bosch will not be required to install the new sensor because the test was designed to measure the movement of the touch pad in a position that the new unit would be able recognize.

The Sgsx66s safety test was also compromised.

When the unit is seated and the touch button is pressed, the sensor is unable to recognize the motion of the touchscreen.

That means that it would not recognize that the touchscreen was being used as a “safety” device.CSC recommends that Boscham install a touch sensor that would detect motion in the same way as the SGSxs61s sensor.

The test will be used to determine whether Boscham’s touch sensor is more reliable than Bosch products with the same touch sensor.

The consumer product safety agency said it will be taking action against Bosch in the future.