Which of the big names in the Bosch home market are on the move?

The Bosch family has been the most visible beneficiary of the global slowdown in oil prices.

The company is facing increasing competition from other manufacturers, including electric cars.

But the family is also looking to diversify its business, which has grown in recent years.

It has recently acquired a stake in an electric car startup, ZEV, which is now seeking to commercialize its technology in vehicles.ZEV is based in the Netherlands, and its electric car is the first to use Bosch’s Lidar sensor.

It’s also the only Bosch car that can read its surroundings in 3D, meaning it can take control of traffic.

Bosch is developing sensors for its other vehicles, too, and the company recently announced plans to acquire a subsidiary of Chinese carmaker DaimlerChrysler, a major competitor.

The Bosch house is also in the process of opening an office in China.