When the coffee maker went missing: The search for the missing Bosch coffee-maker

This is the story of how an unknown Bosch brewer was discovered and the hunt for it.

It has also been a time of controversy for the maker, and its owners, Bosch.

What began as a small investigation into an unexplained coffee-making problem in the UK turned into a massive manhunt for the mystery maker.

The BBC’s Mark Felsenthal travelled to Switzerland to investigate the case.

1:24 Video: How to find the Bosch beer maker BBC News – BBC News (Channel 4) 1:12 Video: What happened to the Boscchi?

The BBC News team – BBC Radio 4 (UK & Ireland) – 4:58:33: A search for a missing Boscch beer brewer The Bosch Breweries website – Bosch Brewing (UK – Ireland) (English) 1,800 words: The Boscches’ quest to find their missing Boscheri – Boscheria.com (Spanish)