When the Caps play the Capitals again, it’s time to watch the ’90s

Capitals fans can relive the 90s with the first of three seasons of the new NBC Sports Network’s new series, Caps.

This is a special event for all fans of the Capitals franchise, and there will be plenty of memorable moments along the way.

The series begins on Friday night, October 16 at 7:30 p.m.


The show will feature Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, Ovechy, and their fellow members of the Caps family on a mission to bring back the glory days of the franchise, the team’s first Stanley Cup title in franchise history, and a second in a row.

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The following are links to NBC Sports sites that will be live-streaming the Caps vs. Capitals series.NBC Sports NHL Network – The first two episodes of Caps vs Capitals season 5 will be available to watch online.

All NBC Sports Live Extra, NHL Live 16 and NHL GameCenter LIVE events will also be available.NBCSN – All Caps vs Caps games will be streamed live online.

NHL Playoffs will be shown on the NBC Sports app for the first time ever.

The NBC Sports YouTube channel will be livestreaming Caps vs Capitals for the fourth time. 

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