When Maddie Bosch and her family got their first dog, it didn’t go well: ‘She’s a ball of energy’

Posted October 15, 2018 08:29:09 As the mother of a five-year-old German Shepherd named Maddie, Maddie loves to run, walk, play fetch and explore the city of New York with her family.

“She’s very playful,” says Maddie’s father, Tom Bosch.

“When she’s in the house, she’s always on the floor and always looking for something to do.”

The family moved to New York from Germany in the spring of 2017 after being given a two-year visa.

“We have a dog, so she’s a lot of fun to have,” says Tom.

Maddie is a good example of a German Shepherd that is good with other dogs. “

I think that’s the biggest thing for us, that you never know what’s going to happen.”

Maddie is a good example of a German Shepherd that is good with other dogs.

“For us, we have a lot more time on our hands,” says her mother, Jane Bosch, “than we do with our dogs.”

Tom says that he was shocked to see Maddie running around in the backyard with her three other German Shepherds when he and Jane arrived in New York.

“Maddie’s a bit more outgoing, a little more adventurous, a lot faster than us,” he says.

“But she also has a lot to learn.”

He and Jane have also brought Maddie along on a few outings to her favorite restaurants, including a visit to the restaurant where they were staying.

“In Germany, there are only four restaurants in the whole country,” says Jane.

“You’ve got the usual chain restaurants, like the best restaurants in town, and there’s also this kind of little cafĂ© that’s just kind of a little bit off the beaten path, and Maddie goes there for the first time.”

“She knows what to do, but she’s very quick,” Tom says.

Maddie will go out of her way to meet new people and to take in sights and sounds.

“The only thing that is really scary is when you’re driving along the streets and people just start to make noises,” he adds.

“They can’t believe you’re there.”

Tom and Jane say that Maddie has become an important part of their lives.

“A lot of times we’ll go out for dinner with her, and we’ll play fetch with her,” Jane says.

In addition to her German Shepherd, Maddi is also known for being good with cats, which Tom and his family say is something they’re thankful for.

“If we’re going out for the day, she’ll get along very well with our three cats,” says Mr. Bosch of his family’s love for Maddie.

“There’s no other dog that can run around with three cats, because they’re so fast.

She’s just a great companion.”