When is the best time to buy a new car?

It was a quiet evening in early January when we checked out of the GCL offices in Milan.

We had been given a tour of the facility and were greeted with a tour guide who informed us that, if we wanted to buy an Audi A4, we’d need to have our current car licence in order to do so.

It was an obvious rule that had not been followed in recent years.

The only other cars available were the Mercedes GLC400 and the BMW M3.

This was the first Audi we’d seen since buying our GLC in 2012.

The driver of the M3 had been driving it on the opening day of the season and the car was so fresh that we wondered how he’d managed to make it past the initial initial test phase.

The car’s interior, as you’d expect from the brand, is surprisingly modern and stylish.

There are no more factory-installed instruments, instead the Audi has its own software.

You’re not going to need any extra software in this car, as its built-in infotainment system is very similar to the one in the Mercedes.

The dashboard and buttons are arranged in a very clean fashion, and the instrument cluster is just as modern as the ones in the BMW.

The instrument cluster has a modern design with a number of buttons.

You can set the time of day, check the speed of the car and adjust the climate control settings.

The interior also has an active rearview camera, a heated driver seat and the standard seats, which are comfortable and well-equipped.

The rear seats have a rear-facing seatbelt, which is a feature that has been added to all the BMW models since the first year of the current generation.

You’ll need a licence for the Audi to operate in the UK, but you can buy a second one for €80.

If you’re driving on the MSA circuit, you’ll be able to buy this car from the start of the calendar year.

The Audi will be the first in the line of A4s in the new class and we were the first to drive it in the first race of the new season.

But what would we like to buy it for?

For the next three weeks we drove the A4 for all of these questions.

We were very curious about the Audi A8, the only new A4 in the 2017 class.

This car was not on the menu, but we did have a lot of questions about it, and one of the biggest ones was: “Is it a supercar?”

The answer is: Yes, it is.

We’ll let the Audi do the talking for us here.

How does the Audi compare with the Audi S4?

There are only two A4 variants in the Audi range, but the other two, the S4 and the S6, are available in the US and Europe.

The S4 has an all-wheel-drive system, but it has been improved by using new technology.

Audi’s new all-new A5 platform features a larger battery, bigger brakes, an electric motor and new chassis technology.

We tested the A5 version and found that the car is much more comfortable and faster than the A6.

However, the A7 has a better suspension and brakes and is the one with the larger battery.

Audi claims that the A8 will be quicker than the S8 and S9.

The A8 is a very comfortable car.

It’s not quite as quiet as the S5 or the S7, but that is down to its smaller tyres and aerodynamic package.

It has a very good ride and is quite comfortable to drive.

The engine is very powerful and its torque is very good, which means it has to be pushed hard to stay on the track.

The tyres are very good too, as they have excellent grip and grip can be controlled.

The suspension and braking system are very precise and good, as the Audi engineers have done all the research on how to make the car very stiff and compliant.

The performance is good, but there is still room for improvement.

It is still a very fast car, but its power output is much less than the best of its rivals.

It will be very interesting to see how this car performs on the roads.

Is it good for the roads?

Audi has invested a lot in the A-class, and it’s going to be interesting to watch what they produce.

We’d like to know more about the A3.

The third A3 model is a more powerful car that will be available in 2019, but has been delayed.

The new model is called the S3 and it will have the same engine as the A2, but have a bigger battery.

Its performance is very strong and it is able to reach 100km/h.

The driving dynamics are similar to those of the A1, but this