When a child dies, how can you tell if it’s a case of heart attack?

Posted October 10, 2018 16:34:00 A woman who was seriously injured by a car in South Australia has died.

The 24-year-old woman from Tully was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital after the crash.

A police investigation has now concluded and the family are now preparing to hold a memorial service at the hospital.

A family friend said the woman had been driving when she was struck by a Ford Fiesta.

The woman died at the scene.

Police said the car was travelling at about 50 kilometres per hour and the driver of the Fiesta was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

The Fiesta was not injured in the incident.

The Tully woman’s family are calling for people to share their stories of car crashes.

“There are families who can’t speak for themselves but there are also family members who have to say ‘I saw it happen’,” said the mother of one of the women involved in the crash who wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s a bit sad, but we are trying to help and support each other through it and hopefully it will bring some closure for her family.”

The Tinson family have not given a reason for the collision but the investigation is ongoing.