Trump says ‘very expensive’ to fix ‘very important’ ‘problem’ with Bosch angle grinders

“I want to thank you for having the guts to come to me, and the courage to stand up to the political establishment, and to say, ‘This is not okay.

You have to do something,'” Trump said in his remarks on the Bosch product, which has been in use since 1977.

“We are working on a deal to get it back in production.

We are going to make it right.

We will make it great again.”

Trump also announced his plan to replace Bosch’s 18V line with a “very expensive” Bosch line.

“The Bosch brand is in a death spiral,” Trump said.

“I know that.

I’ve seen it.

I know it’s not a good time for the Bosches to be in business.

We need a new Bosch.”

The Bosches have also been forced to make a number of changes in their products.

In April, the company stopped using aluminum in its power grinder and switched to a lighter aluminum.

The company also stopped using the Boscha rotary rotary grinding wheel, which is manufactured in Germany, because of a safety concern.