Trump blasts BP over oil spill report

Trump on Thursday slammed BP’s report that the oil spill at its Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico last month was the result of a blowout.

“Bin Laden is dead, and I will be very happy to be proven right,” the President said in a statement.

“I will be looking at all the facts to prove my claim.

I have no doubt that BP is completely wrong.”

Trump was referring to an April 17, 2017, Associated Press report in which BP’s Deepwater Report concluded that the blowout that destroyed the rig was caused by a “blowout of pressure” that resulted from an “inadvertent” leak of oil and “an uncontrolled, catastrophic, or improper” rupture.

He said the company’s “confident” conclusions were supported by “hard data” and “hard facts” and was based on “thousands of hours of data analysis.”

The BP report, which said the leak was caused not by a blow-out, but by a massive pressure buildup, was widely criticized by scientists and activists who said it showed that BP had “failed miserably” in its attempts to prevent oil spills.

BP has said that the spill was caused largely by a mechanical failure at the rig’s compressor tower.