This dishwasher is so fast, you can watch it at home with your phone

The Bosch 18 Dishwasher is the fastest dishwasher on the market.

It uses a single-core processor and a single processor chip, so it runs at a blazing fast rate of up to 200 watts.

It’s so fast that it’s able to read your emails and texts in a few seconds and it can even run on your TV for 30 minutes.

That’s faster than a desktop computer.

That means you can stream a Netflix movie or watch a show on a big screen, all while still saving energy.

It doesn’t even need to be plugged into a wall outlet, since it has a power plug on the back.

The Boscht 18 Dishwares price tag starts at $1,299 and goes up to $1.5,799.

For a bit more, you could get a Bosch Pro 18 Dish with a single core processor.

The price of the Bosch Dishwasher might be too high for some people, but it might be the best dishwasher you can buy right now.

We know it’s expensive because we spent $1K to buy it and then paid $1 for it.