New Bosch series orders new season

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — New Bosch has ordered a fourth season, and the company has added another three to the line-up.

The company announced the news at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., today.

New Bosches second season of “Bosch” will be available in the United States and Canada on Oct. 18, with the U.K. debuting the series on Nov. 14.

The season will continue the Bosch family’s adventures as they try to get their lives back on track and take a vacation in their home town of New Boschee, where they are still trying to find the perfect place to stay for the holidays. 

The series will also feature a new guest star, returning regular guest host and writer/producer Matt Hanks, and an all-new episode that will air at the end of the season.

The episode will be titled “A Day Without Us,” and will feature Hanks and his new co-star, new Bosch co-creator and executive producer Michael De Luca.

Hanks and De Lucae have been working together on the series since 2014.

They first got together on “The Big Bang Theory,” a show that aired on CBS in the 1990s and has been reruns on CBS for many years.

In the series, Hanks plays the lead role, played by De Lucay, who tries to make sense of the universe as he navigates a world he finds himself trapped in.

The show also inspired “The Simpsons,” which premiered in 1999.

The series’ first season ended with a cliffhanger, and new episodes of the show will follow the Bosches and their friends in their attempts to find their way back to normalcy.

They are joined by the team from “The Americans,” including Matthew Rhys, who plays the main character, Philip Jennings.

Hanks has previously played the lead in the television comedy series “Dancing With the Stars,” and he also directed the pilot episode of “The Hangover.”

“Boschees” is produced by DeLuca, Hales and DeLucas creative team, and “Aday Without Us” is written and executive produced by Hanks.

NewBosches season will be followed by a season of the animated series “Boosch.”

NewBoshes first season of Bosch began with a story arc about a young boy, a boy who loves a girl and tries to live a normal life.

That storyline was followed by two more episodes in which the boy and his friends, the Boschees, attempt to make their way through a world in which they live with the ghosts of their dead family members.

The series followed this story arc for a fourth and final season, which wrapped in 2015.