New Bosch dishwasher says it is ‘a great dishwasher’

Bosch says it has “a great and innovative dishwasher” that has “changed the world”.

The Bosch 800D dishwasher was launched last month and is the company’s first dishwasher to include an anti-bacterial coating.

Bosch says the dishwasher uses “a new approach” to washing dishes to remove dirt, grime and other micro-organisms, and is more efficient than standard washing machines.

Borussia-Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus said the dishwashing was “incredible” and was “really a good investment for the future”.

“I like the way it cleans, and I think it’s a good upgrade for people,” Reus told reporters.

“I think it does the job much better than the old model that was out there.”‘

Boschi is the best’The Boschi dishwasher has been on sale for a week and features a waterproof coating that is water-resistant to 120 degrees Celsius, which means it can handle “the elements”.

“This new coating is actually water- and dust-proof,” Bosch said.

It’s very clean, so it’s very simple and clean.””

You just want to wash it.

It’s very clean, so it’s very simple and clean.”

The company says the coating protects the “skin” of the dish from “the harshness of washing and the dust”, which could make the dish washing process more difficult to clean.

The Boschettes main rival is GE’s GE Appliance.

Bosch’s dishwasher can also be used to dry goods such as clothes.

It is not the first Bosch model to have the anti-microbial coating.

The Bosch 700 was launched in November last year, but it has since been discontinued.

The dishwasher features a range of different wash cycles and a “wash-in” system that uses a suction cup and dishwasher paddle to “pull” water from the drain.