How to use the ‘do’ button in social media

How do you use the do and don’t buttons in social networking sites?

Here are some tips.

The “do” button can be a bit tricky to use.

This is a photo of a cat sitting on a sofa.

If you click on it, it appears to have a “don’t” option.

The do not button will display a message.

Here’s another example of a “do not” option appearing in a message for an application: And here’s a photo showing a “no” option for a Facebook page: So, which does the “do”?

If you click it, a “yes” button appears and a “stop” button shows.

If you do nothing, a message appears.

If you don’t click on the “don” option, you’ll be redirected to the “notify me” page.

So if you click that, a notification will appear telling you you can stop a friend from commenting on your status: