How to make your own Bosch router

I am a huge fan of Bosch routers and I’ve been a customer for over 20 years. 

I’m a huge advocate of a router that is made of quality materials and easy to use. 

Bosch routers have always been reliable, powerful, and well-designed. 

In fact, if you have a router with the right components, you’ll be able to take full advantage of their versatility. 

For the past 20 years, Bosch has been making routers that are not only rugged and durable, but also simple to use and easy on the eyes. 

And, that’s why I’m a fan of their new Bosch Router HD. 

The Bosch HD series is a small router that fits in your hand like a glove. 

It has a small footprint, and is easy to pack in your pocket or purse. 

Like other Bosch models, it features a built-in 3-year limited warranty. 

But this one comes with a lot more than a few nice features. 

First, there’s a built in wireless router that’s super fast and features 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. 

Plus, the HD router comes with all the latest and greatest features like an automatic and convenient lock, an easy to read user interface, and a variety of other nifty features.

But what I really love about the Bosch-designed HD router is that it comes with the ability to add your own features, like the ability for you to control it remotely, add your wireless device, or set it up as a hotspot. 

This way, you can control your Boschs router from anywhere. 

You can even control your router from your desktop, even if you’re in a different room. 

So, what else can you add to your Boscha router? 

For one, you have the ability in the settings to set the temperature of the home. 

If you’re looking to get more efficient heating, this is the router for you. 

Secondly, you get the ability, in the set up wizard, to set your network name, which is useful when you have multiple networks and want to avoid accidentally sending out your network information to multiple devices. 

Finally, the Boscha HD router can automatically turn on and off the lights when you enter your home.

This is especially handy when you’re not home and want the lights to dim automatically, or if you need to take your router out of the garage. 

What else do you need for your Bosching router?

If you have any questions about how to set up your Bosches router, please reach out to me on Twitter or leave a comment below.