How to fix a Bosch appliance that broke, so you can fix it again

A Bosch electric appliance repair shop in southern California was shut down for a week for a failure that caused a boiler to overheat.

The incident happened last month and involved a Boscha appliance in the business’ garage, which had a problem with a valve.

The company said on Monday that the boiler was not designed to handle high-pressure systems.

“We are very disappointed that this incident happened, and we apologize to the Bosch customer,” said company spokeswoman Linda Miller.

“Our technicians were working around the clock to make sure everything was working properly.

The Bosch Customer Service team will be working closely with the Boscha customer to make certain this is not a repeat of this.”

The incident comes as Bosch has been hit by several other incidents of overheating and fires in recent months.

Bosch said in August that it was closing two shops in the San Diego area because of the problems.

“The Bosch family of brands is very sensitive to these issues and has taken steps to prevent future problems,” Miller said.

“These are isolated incidents and there is no indication that this is an ongoing issue.”

In February, a fire broke out at a Boschea factory in the southern California city of El Dorado.

It was reported that the fire was sparked by a faulty electric generator.