How To Buy The Best Bosch Dishwasher For 2018

A Bosch dishwashing machine is a versatile and affordable option for most homes, but you may want to consider buying a different brand.

With a Bosch model, you’re basically getting a new and improved version of the one you had before.

There’s also a Boschi model, which is the Bosch brand’s newest version, which includes a larger fan and a more powerful motor.

All of the Boschi models are relatively cheap at $79.99 and up, but the Boschex, BoschX, and BoschD series are all more expensive than that.

Bosch’s new Boschi series has an impressive list of features, but it also has a lot of shortcomings.

Read on for our top Bosch review, including why the BosChD is worth a look, and how to buy one if you want to replace a failed Bosch.

Pros Solid build quality