How a former Bosch employee helped save Bosch

A former Bosche factory worker has been named as the person who was able to save the company from bankruptcy.

The Associated Press reports, according to court documents, that Robert Bosch filed for bankruptcy protection in the spring of 2013.

The documents do not indicate how the bankruptcy was filed.

He also had an insurance policy that included a $50 million payout.

Bosch and his wife, Patricia, did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

A Bosch spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

The Bosch company, based in New York City, is the world’s largest automotive maker.

It makes more than 100,000 vehicles each year and employs about 1,600 people worldwide.

Bosch said last week that it plans to reopen and continue operations in California and New York.

It said in an emailed statement that it is “deeply saddened and saddened by the loss of our employees and their families.

We will work hard to ensure that all of them will be able to continue working at our facilities and to continue to provide the service that they have come to know and love.”

The Bosches were among about 10,000 workers who walked off the job at the company’s factory in Detroit, Michigan, in September 2013, following a dispute with Bosch.

A few months later, the company was forced to halt production of the Bosch Wiper.