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It is believed that Bosch have been busy making their latest Bosch Mini Chainsaw which is the new model for their new Bosch knives, the Bosch Chainsaw.

The Bosch Minisaw is based on the Boscher model, which is Bosch’s standard line of small knives, which were designed in the 1950s by Bosch co-founder Erich Bosch.

The design was developed to be able to chop a piece of wood at a much faster rate than the standard Bosch model, and to be much more compact than the original Bosch models.

The new Boscher Chainsaw features a blade that is just 1.2mm longer than the old Boscher models, making it an excellent option for those wanting to get a more compact size of knife.

The chain saw comes with a blade guard that can be set to the Bosches traditional 3D printing design, as well as the classic 3D printed handle.

The blade guard is also available with an optional handle that can either be attached with an extension to the handle, or be placed on the handle itself, or on the end of the handle. 

The Bosch chainsaw will be available for purchase starting in the US and will be the first of Bosch blades to feature the 3D Printing feature. 

Bosch has been making their Bosch Blades for over a decade, and now that the blades are now available to the public, we can see that they have continued to improve upon the designs they have been producing for quite some time now.

If you are looking for a new blade for your Bosch knife, then the Boscha chainsaw is definitely worth a look. 

Source: Bosch