Diesel unit to be replaced by H2A unit for H2S units in 2018

With diesel unit sales in the low millions, the Bosch petrol unit is set to become the only supplier to be retired by 2018.

As per the latest batch of H2SA and H2B registrations, which is expected to be sent out soon, H2 is expected for sale from the end of this month.

H2A is an injector that produces hydrogen gas and is a high-pressure gas.

H2As can be made using the same technology as the gas cylinders used in H2V.

Diesel units are expected to account for about 35% of the new diesel production.

H3, which has been the most common type of diesel unit in India, is expected, according to industry sources, to have about 10% of new diesel units being made in 2018.

The H2 unit has been sold in India at Rs 1,200 for 10 years and is the oldest unit in the Indian diesel fleet.

The sale of H3 units is the latest in a string of changes in the diesel portfolio in India.

In May, India’s central government, which was not keen on the sale of diesel units, announced that it would be selling H2 units at Rs 8,000 per unit.

The new diesel unit will be available from January 1.

The H2, H3 and H4 units will be sold at Rs 10,000 each, according a statement.

The central government also announced that the sale will be conducted on a fixed basis.

The H3 unit was originally meant to replace H2 as the unit to replace in India if it was sold at lower price.

However, it was pushed back to 2019.

The new diesel was also scheduled to be rolled out in 2019.

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