BMW announces 2018 model lineup, including new SUV and compact crossover

BMW is rolling out new models in 2018, including the brand’s new SUV.

The automaker announced the updated lineup, which includes a new compact SUV and a new SUV with the new Bosch Chipping Hammer engine.

The new models will start at $22,000.BMW also announced that it will launch a new range of premium sport utility vehicles for 2018.

The first of these vehicles, a 2018 XC90 SUV, is slated to go on sale in spring 2019.

The vehicle, which is expected to be priced at $40,000, is designed to offer a wide range of services including commercial and recreational drivers, as well as a driver assistance system.BMWs 2018 lineup also includes a sports utility vehicle, a sport utility vehicle with an all-wheel drive system, a sports sedan, a crossover, and a crossover with the Bosch Icon engine.