BBC Sport: Shocking new scan tool for Bournemouth players

The Bournemans are one of a handful of clubs to have developed a scan tool, which allows them to quickly identify which of their players are at risk of suffering an injury.

The programme has been developed by the Bosch Technology Solutions team and uses a combination of advanced technology and software to identify and identify specific injuries.

It is an important tool in the battle to find the most efficient and effective treatments for players at risk and it will be used at Bournesom next home game against Ipswich on Saturday.

We are proud of the new Bosch Scan Tool which is able to identify specific injury in Bournet’s players from the moment of the match.

In addition, the Boschuk scan tool is able do this in real-time with the game being played in real time.

The Bosch team are now working to add other new tools that will enable the same functionality to be used by other teams.

Bournemouth are one club who have been able to use this technology to identify the risk of injury and have been successful in identifying key players.

As well as identifying potential injuries in the player, Bosch has also identified players with an underlying condition and they have been given an opportunity to address this before the game begins. 

It is the first time a club has used the Boschean Scan tool and they will be using it throughout the Bournesham season.

With all of this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the team has now been awarded the top prize at the Bonsch Cup, which is the top prizes for the Bursaadet Football League, which are presented annually.

You can watch the first Bournems season live on BBC One at 18:00 GMT on Saturday 16th March.

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